Welcome to Radovan Gallery, where art is more than just decoration, it's a reflection of passion and expertise. Meet Marissa Radovan, our Director, bringing over 20 years of experience in design and fine art.  Marissa's journey began while growing up in Rome, Italy, where she developed a deep love for art, design, and architecture. Her education and background in Interior Design, art consulting, along with specialized training in gallery ownership, offers a unique perspective to art curation.

We understand that choosing artwork can feel overwhelming. Whether you're an experienced collector or new to the art world, Marissa's genuine enthusiasm and expertise will make the process enjoyable and straightforward.

Let us help you find artwork that resonates with you and enhances your space. Explore our curated collection and experience the stories behind every brushstroke. Welcome to Radovan Gallery, where art becomes a part of your story.

"Elevating luxury living with exquisite art"

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